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Our Pension Scheme safeguards employee retirement and separation benefits.
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Providing you a lifeline to a better future in retirement
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High Value Real Estate Investments Wholly Owned By The Scheme
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Mukuba Pension Scheme was established in 1982 as an occupational Pension Scheme to provide pension benefits to all categories of employees on local conditions of employment at Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM), its subsidiaries and associated companies. Following the privatization of the mines, the scheme opened to accommodate all employees from employers that would want to join Mukuba.

Following the privatization of the mines the scheme has opened up to cater for various employers.

Our Pension Scheme safeguards employee retirement and separation benefits. It allows the employer to concentrate on their core business, by transferring the responsibilities of administering separation benefits to Mukuba Pension Trust.


Defined Benefits Scheme

It is also known as a “Final Salary” Pension Scheme.

The retirement benefit is payable at the age of 55, based on one’s final salary, length of service and accrual factor.This scheme was administered By Mukuba Pension Trustees from 1982 to 2011 when it was closed off to new members.

Personal Pension Plan

The Personal Pension Plan (PPP) is a savings vehicle which provides individuals the opportunity to put in aside funds and to grow them with the aim of providing the desired funds at a time when one retires, leaves employment or they are in a position where they can not earn income from their business. The purpose of the PPP is to compliment state pension plans (like NAPSA) 

Defined Contribution Scheme

It is also known as Money Purchase Scheme.
 The benefits paid out to the member comprises the employer and employee contributions with interest and the total amount payable may be used to buy a pension through purchase of an annuity.

Real Estate

The contributions received will be invested for us to get the desired return to grow the pension fund. 

Some of the investments are in high value real estate wholly owned by the scheme,


Mukuba Pension Trust
P.O.Box 23570, Kitwe, Zambia
President/Kalungwishi Roads


Office:  +260 212 220 884
Mobile: +260 966 998 159

About Us

Mukuba Pension Trust is the oldest occupational Pension Scheme set up by ZCCM-IH and the Mine Workers Union of Zambia (MUZ) in 1982 to manage the retirement benefits of the mining industry. The Trust is incorporated as a Trust under the Lands (Perpetual Succession) Act.