“Sefute, Kuli Sunga We Mwine” is a common Lamba saying, meaning that for one to be safe they needed to take care of their own safety at a personal level. This principle is the same when it comes to planning for retirement. For one to enjoy a proper retirement they need to put in place a pension plan at individual level. The Personal Pension Plan allows them to accumulate up enough funds to start a life once they quit employment.


The Personal Pension Plan (PPP) is a savings vehicle which provides individuals the opportunity to put in aside funds and to grow them with the aim of providing the desired funds at a time when one retires, leaves employment or they are in a position where they can not earn income from their business. The purpose of the PPP is purpose of the PPP is to compliment state pension plans (like NAPSA) or work-related pension plans which are solely meant for employees engaged in formal pensionable service which are controlled and driven by the Employers or State.

PPP offers an opportunity to individuals to Plan for their Retirement

The Mukuba Pension Trust Personal Pension Plan (PPP) offers opportunities to individuals to plan for their financial wellbeing in retirement or after leaving employment. With PPP the individuals are put in the driving seat of developing a retirement package suited to a lifestyle they want to have in retirement, as well to enable them save sufficient funds to meet their needs after they quit employment. It is meant for individuals who would want to secure their future based on their personal circumstances and for them to enjoy their life after they quit employment or they start running business.

The PPP gives all individuals an opportunity to create a financial safety net suited to their lifestyle and it only comes in once a member is unable to earn income from a job or a business, by making lump sum payments or series of payments over the retirement life of an individual.

Who can Join PPP?

The PPP is designed for all individuals concerned about their Retirement Plan, among others who have;

Employees already contributing to the Employer Pension Scheme but need to save more for their retirement and have a lifestyle suited to their taste.
Self-employed. Those running their own business who would want to prepare for a day when they will not be able to run a business due to ill health, death, early retirement or their business fails.
Employees not contributing to any pension scheme. Employed individuals whose employers have not put up in place any pension plans for them to save for their retirement and have a secure future.
For individuals who would want maximize their retirement savings. Those individuals keen on having a social safety to cover them in the event of ill-health, death, retrenchment, redundancy , or any form of separation with the employer
Employees on contract who are on a gratuity scheme, who may still need to save for their actual separation from their Employment or when they will not have a job, knowing fully well that gratuity is paid even after one continues in employment.
How does the PPP Work?
1. Contributions

The MPT Personal Pension Plan (PPP) enables members to put aside a portion of their current earnings through pension contributions to MPT which are expected to grow from the interest that will be earned to a large figure which they will fall back on, when they lose their source of earning trough old age, ill-health, injury, incapacitation, death, work stoppage, invalidity or loss of business for those who are self-employed. Depending on how much they want to accrue at the time of claiming their pension benefits, individuals will determine the contribution amounts they would want to be remitting to their PPP.
Investment Growth

The contributions received will be invested for us to get the desired return to grow the pension fund. The returns earned over the this far are as follows;


About Us

Mukuba Pension Trust is the oldest occupational Pension Scheme set up by ZCCM-IH and the Mine Workers Union of Zambia (MUZ) in 1982 to manage the retirement benefits of the mining industry. The Trust is incorporated as a Trust under the Lands (Perpetual Succession) Act.